Video Testimonials

Andrea Warner – Director of Customer Experience

“Hi, I’m Andrea Warner and I’m here at the StomperNet SEO PRO Boot Camp with Matt. And I’ve known him for a little while as he is a member of our elite community, and Matt, I just think there are maybe, I think of both making the forums and you participate and you’re part of our great community and we know a lot about SEO. We know stuff that nobody else in the world knows and if they have, you’ll all remember.”

Watch Andrea Warner – Director of Customer Experience

Steven Rowell – The Idea Doctor

“Hi, I’m Steve Rowell, “The Idea Doctor.” I’ve just spent 4 amazing days with Matthew Murchie. Let me tell you, I am absolutely blown away at his genuine authentic generosity. This guy is in business not to make money. He’s in business to change people’s lives and to support people. But it’s not just the business side. I was absolutely touched about his personal story and his story as a father and as a husband. You need to really consider having somebody of this man’s integrity in your organization and supporting you. Talk about character? Matthew Murchie is all about integrity and character.”

Watch Steven Rowell – The Idea Doctor