Your presentation was super informative... I barely knew how to search something on Facebook... If feel SO much more confident. Great presentation, the best I've seen in years!

- The Pampered Chef, Anonymous Consultant -

Social Media Marketing

The question is not whether you DO "Social Media"...

rather the question is how WELL you do it!

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Consider applying the best practices to your social media campaign. Drive targeted traffic to your webpages with creative strategy and targeted goals.

At D-SOL Media Marketing we aim to achieve unity with your company by aligning marketing with sales and customer support. What you need is to have a clear social media message so your voice is heard by those who have opinions about you.

The Social Media Revolution

Did you know that the percentage of people by age group who spend 10+ hours per week on social media sites is:

  • 30-39 = 44.8%
  • 20-29 = 40.3%
  • 50-59 = 38.7%
  • average age is 37

Did you need to know that? Not really. But we do. The better we understand your audience the more value can we bring to them using your brand. Did you know that the average Twitter user is 39 & the average Facebook user is 38?social media marketing D-SOL Media Marketing is an industry leader in social media trends, and we know that marketing through clients and prospects is your best source for successful online marketing strategy. Web users are trusting other web users more than ever when making a decision about you. We create brand evangelists who are more than willing to spreading the good word about your brand by leveraging the full potential of web technologies.