Profit Optimization

"Conversion" is the term given to a series of magical events in the life of a customer, in which a stranger becomes a suspect, a suspect becomes a prospect and a prospect becomes a customer.

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All businesses with a Web presence have invested in some level of conversion capabilities on their website and online marketing strategies.

D-SOL Media Marketing focuses on measurement and optimization as a foundation prior to addressing issues like business goals, visitor profiles, content requirements and delivery channels. Companies who embrace Conversion Rate Optimization leverage marketing efforts by making conversion numbers work to their favor.

The goal of Conversion Rate Optimization is to grow revenue while
reducing real marketing costs.

Conversion Rate Optimization can achieve:profit optimization

  • Increases in current ROI
  • Higher Conversion Rate
  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Increased revenue by increasing visitors
  • Understand what works and what doesn't

D-SOL Media uses a proprietary software packages that can double your traffic rate and QUADRUPAL your profits. We track everything. From entry point to clicks, to exit pages and prospect geographic locations - your most important marketing tool is tracking prospect and customer information and needs. Knowing what keywords they use to find you and how long they spend on your pages can leverage and allow your strategy to align with your prospects.